Community Awareness Campaign for Managing the River Nile Cairo University, Egypt 2nd October 2012

Written by Sarah Youssef (WP 6) on .

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Organized and hosted by Cairo University, an EduCamp activity – which will lead to the coming project dissemination event – took place on the 2nd October 2012 under the theme of Community Awareness Campaign for Managing River Nile.

The activity aimed at addressing the main water challenges in Egypt as well as rasing students’ awareness on the importance of responsible water managment and decision making in relevance to water resources.

Experiences from the Agriculture Training

Written by Dr. Eslam El Fadly on .

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It was a pleasure for me to participate in the fourth EduCamp Training of Trainers Module on “Agriculture”. The Training took place from September 3 to 7 in Torres Vedras, a small town about 40km outside Lisbon/ Portugal and was organised by CEIFA ambiente. This training was absolutely enjoyable for me since I am working in the academia in the same field as a lecturer in the Faculty of Agriculture at Alexandria University.

E-learning Campaign Zagazig University, Egypt 29th September 2012

Written by Sarah Youssef (WP 6) on .

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Organized and hosted by Zagazig University, an EduCamp project dissemination activity took place on 29th September 2012 under the theme of E-learning Campaign.

The event aimed at addressing the role of innovative teaching tools in schools and the importance of their integration within the classroom teaching. E-learning concept in specific was the main focus of the session where different examples were presented and discussed with the participants.

EDUCAMP at PROALV Event in Portugal

Written by Dr. Suhita Osório-Peters (WP 2) on .

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During an event of the Portuguese Life-Long-Learning Agency (PROALV), EduCamp will be one of the two projects to be presented in Lisbon on September 26, 2012. The Agency represents several European Programms in Portugal. Among others Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, and Tempus will be presented. For its ambitious goals and the good results achieved so far, the EduCamp project has been selected as an example to be presented during the event. One of the objectives of the event is to make transparent why and how institutions that do not belong to universities are involved in such type of projects. EduCamp partner CEIFA has been invited to explain its role in the project, and to speak about the motivations and expectations of a SME in this project.

Announcement Dissemination Event Zagazig University

Written by Dr. Ahmed Mansour Alzohairy on .

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Zagazig University would like to announce a workshop entitled "E-Learning Campaign and its effect on students". The work shop is part of the "Education for Sustainable Development beyond the Campus" "EduCamp" TEMPUS Project.  The event will be held at Zagazig University Communication and Information Technology Center (CITC), University president building, fifth floor on September 29th2012. The workshop will start at 9 am and run until to 3pm. It will include topics like the utilization of e-learning at Egyptian schools as well as examples of proposed teaching movies. Furthermore some activities of the EduCamp Resource Kits will be demonstrated and the teachers of SEKEM School, which serves as a pilot school in the project, will share their experiences how to include ESD in schools. In the workshop teachers and students from surrounding schools will have the opportunity to get in touch and exchange ideas with members of the EduCamp project team.