Personal reflections on the Pilot Implementation Training at Fayoum University

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I attended four trainings of the EduCamp training of Trainers Module (Our World, Biodiversity, Agriculture and Implementation Training 1).  The trainings were an intensive and enriching experience and have changed my outlook to many problems that Egypt faces. As a teacher of English literature, I felt that my role is greater to disseminate the culture of sustainable development among my students not only the school teachers I am going to communicate.

When I prepared for the Pilot Implementation Training with the teachers, I found that the modules were very well designed as they asserted the interconnections among different school subjects and this is at the core of sustainable development. To achieve sustainable development, interest should be given to all fields: economic, social, agricultural, cultural, etc.

Implementing with teachers was a new experience and I was touched by the teachers' enthusiasm to adopt new innovative methodologies. The teachers enthusiastically implemented the selected kits and expressed their desire to attend more trainings of this kind.

The teachers showed profound understanding of the issues of water, energy and the other issues which threaten the natural resources and consequently man's existence. Eventually thez even decided to form a network of transform agents to raise awareness of ESD as a must to save the environment and enjoy teaching and learning.

Therefore, implementing with teachers made me feel that transforming the attitudes of teachers towards their duties, profession, and mission is the key to implement the ESD clusters and achieve the principles of sustainable development.