Successful Pilot Implementation Training at Alexandria University

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The pilot implementation (PI) took place at the Centre of Excellence, Alexandria University (CESDAU) which is located in Faculty of Education (FOE). FOE is not far from the downtown area of Alexandria University in Egypt; therefore it draws students from all parts of the city. Moreover, a partnership was established between FOE, Ministry of Education (MOE) and other institutions working in the field of education and professional development. The current PI can be considered part of this partnership. Eighteen teachers from the Talaat Harb School, teaching different subject matters, participated in the PI which aimed to cover main principles of the sustainable development including its aims and objectives, methodologies, and history. Moreover, the PI tried to enhance teachers’ understanding of sustainable development and its political, economic, cultural, social, and environmental dimensions. 

The Pilot Implementation was a 5-day training extended from 3rdto 9th September, 2013.The trainers, who are staff members from 3 different faculties in Alexandria University, worked together as a team to implement what they have studied during their participation in the Training of Trainers (TOT) modules they have attended in Europe in the past months.

The training was well received by the teachers and reached its objectives. 

Specifically by the end of the training the teachers were able to:

  1. Recognize sustainable development and historical background.
  2. Understand the basic ideas and principles of sustainable development.
  3. Understand the theory and practice of establishing appropriate learning environment.
  4. Identify the opportunities, challenges of the educational process in Egypt.
  5. Explain the challenges facing Egypt related to the concepts of sustainable development.
  6. Explore the meaning of biodiversity and its significance to life on earth.
  7. Recognize the concepts of handprint and footprint.
  8. Recognize the concept and practices of the wise use of water.
  9. Understand the concept of sustainable agriculture.
  10. Form a new concept of energy through his/her understanding of sustainable development.
  11. Provide a platform of hands-on work by implementing the ESD activities developed in EduCamp project.
  12. Carry out some activities related to the five EDS modules.
  13. Connect the issues of sustainable development with middle school curriculum in Egypt.

The CESDAU team is looking forward to continue the success of this initial Pilot Implementation in future trainings at Alexandria University.