Teachers enjoy multifaceted 5 day training at Heliopolis University Center of Excellence

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Heliopolis University (HU) Center of Excellence has completed the pilot implementation training programme, which took place from Sunday August 25th to Thursday August 29th, 2013. It started at 9am and continued for five days till 4pm. The teachers being trained were from Al-Fath Experimental School at Belbeis.  The pilot programme covered the fields of Energy, Water, Biodiversity, Agriculture, and Our World.The aim of the training program is train the school teachers on how to infuse Sustainable Development (SD) concepts into the current school curricula through stimulating activities and other educational games. The EduCamp logic is to prepare the future generation on green thinking and preserving our natural resources.

In order to ensure the highest level of excellence in the programme, all of the trainers were trained in some of the European countries such as Portugal, Ireland, Germany and Austria.
By the end of the pilot implementation 21 teachers were trained on these concepts.  The trainers were from the three faculties of HU: Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Pharmacy; in addition to Teacher Trainers of SEKEM Development Foundation. The trainers in charge of the pilot implementation programme will visit Al-Fath Experimental School shortly in order to follow up on the results of the training and to provide further advice and guidance.The trainers in charge of the pilot programme were Dr. Omar Ramzy, Dr. Rasha Elkholy, Dr. Alaa Barakat, Mr. Mohamed Shaheen, Mr. Amin Abdallah, and Ms. Amira Badawy.

The feedback of the teachers after the training was very positive and encouraging. They expressed that the concepts and ideas provided through the training provided them with new insights into modern teaching methods as well as a lot of practical input that they are keen to apply in their teaching practice in school.