Bio-agriculture and Water Wheel Irrigation System in Fayoum

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Tracking the Roots of Organic Agriculture

On Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th April 2013, Fayoum University organised and hosted an EduCamp activity under the theme of raising awareness regarding making the best use of resources and the advantages of organic agriculture, with a total number of attendees in the range of 120-150 people.

This was a dissemination activity aimed at addressing the issue of sustainability. It achieved this by bringing teachers and students closer together, as well as closer to nature, in order that they may appreciate this great gift.

The participants included 30 students from Azza Zidan experimental school, 10 teachers of various subjects, university staff members, students from the Faculty of Education, and representatives from the University Student Union.

The first day revolved around introducing the attendees to the project by giving them a comprehensive idea of its activities. This was accomplished by presentations from various speakers.

These speakers were: Professor Magdy Tawfik Hanna, University Vice President of Higher Studies and Scientific Research; Professor Ahmed Taha, Dean of the Faculty of Education; Professor Mohamed Farouk, Coordinator of the Project at Fayoum University; and Bianca Fliss, Local Coordinator of the project.

Dr. Mohamed Farouk, Project Coordinator in Fayoum University stressed in his presentation the importance and the contribution of the EduCamp project for school education in Egypt and pointed out the potentials that lie in fruitful school-university partnerships.

In the afternoon a group of students between grade 7 and 9 from Azza Zidan Experimental School participated in a field trip to reknown Shambolina farm. The farm has been operating since 1970 and is one of the pioneers in organic cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants (

On the second day Dr. Faten gave a presentation on Education for Sustainable Development, in which the concept, significance, and challenges involved therein were tackled. The participants visited El Basyouniya Village, home to the largest water wheel in the Fayoum governorate, with the irrigation system explained by Dr. Osama. This was followed by the “Drain or Sustain” activity, which was facilitated by Dr. Ayman Shalaby and Dr. Osama Ismail.

The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants, and significant enthusiasm for Sustainable Development was fostered within the students and teachers involved.