Roadmap till the end of the project decided. Last EduCamp Management Meeting at AUC

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On the 19th and 20th of May 2013, a meeting was held between the official representatives of the partner institutions of the EduCamp project to discuss and specify the next steps to be taken.
Present were representatives from RWTH Aachen, Graz Technical University, Cairo University, Alexandria University, the American University in Cairo, Zagazig University, Fayoum University, Heliopolis University, Suez Canal University, WESC, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, CEIFA, and the SEKEM Development Foundation.

The first item on the agenda involved each participating Egyptian university presenting an overview of their current progress. Each university is responsible for setting up a Centre of Excellence within itself that will carry out the project, including the necessary premises, infrastructure, and equipment required for its implementation.

Most are well on the way, with most of the infrastructure and equipment acquired and allocated to appropriate premises, whilst Cairo University has already hosted a launch ceremony for its centre.
The various requisite Work Packages within the project were covered by those responsible, their progress evaluated, and suggestions made. The steady march of progress has left most of the Work Packages and Kits completed, with the final stages for the project’s implementation and pilot run now in the works.
The meeting proceeded to stipulate the next steps for the translation and editing of the project material to make it ready for final use by the teachers and staff involved.
Innovative approaches to such affairs as peer review and evaluation were generated and agreements reached regarding their procedure and implementation. The graphic design options for the project material were presented and the most favourable one chosen with the inclusion of feedback for the designer.
Within the final segment of the meeting, several decisions were unanimously made dealing with matters regarding the logistics of the project’s forthcoming stages, and assignment of various budgetary priorities.
The foundational ideas were also laid out for the ceremony due later this year in which certificates will be issued, including suggestions for key speeches during the event.
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