E-learning's Effect on the Different Modules of EduCamp

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To further disseminate the EduCamp project, an activity was organised and hosted by Zagazig University on April 13th, 2013. The theme was “the effects of e-learning on the different modules of EduCamp”.
The activity involved 140 faculty members, teachers, and school students from grades 3 to 6. The school students came from various schools in the area. They were led by Zagazig University professors in addition to a team of university student volunteers, where they implemented water and energy related activities with the students.

Initially, Dr. Nabil Hassan provided an overview of the EduCamp project for the participants. This was followed by Dr. Amal’s presentation on the utilisation of e-learning in Egyptian schools.

Dr. Ahmed Zohari then gave examples of movies Zagazig University intends to utilise for teaching such topics as water, energy, and biodiversity. Afterwards, Dr. Eslam spoke about energy for sustainable development. This was followed by a break and a tour of the Zagazig University Communications and Information Technology Centre (CITC).
Finally, attendees took part in 3 activities, entitled: Wind energy, world view, and world water map. Dr. Nabil concluded the workshops at the end of the day with recommendations for some members.